Styles to make EVERY body feel like an AMAZING body

Do you ever feel like you are the only one with your body type? You are the only one that has trouble finding clothes that fit and that you feel confident in? I can assure you that you are not alone! Standing at a whopping 5' tall with an athletic build I feel like nothing ever fits me correctly. And when I do find something, I buy five of them and hope the style is still around when I come back again in six months! It shouldn't be hard to find clothing that looks and makes you feel great about yourself because after all, the right fitting clothes influence a women's body and confidence!

So what if I opened a boutique where I sourced clothes from designers who specifically catered to women who didn't fit the mold. Clothes that flattered any body type, not clothes that were designed for one body type and then had other types forced in. I looked everywhere, and eventually, I found the clothes I was looking for and I brought them here for you.

Nothing compares to trying on a dress that was designed for your body, not someone else's. Since I started dressing my body, I've never looked back, I've helped hundreds of women find the exact right style for their shapes as well. You're only a step away from changing the way you approach your style forever.

I have been selling LuLaRoe from my home boutique in Lake Orion, Michigan for over 6 years. I love helping ladies feel confident through fashion. I live with my hubby, two kiddos and three fur babies.

Material Girl Erika West
phone: 248-894-7154

Material Girl Erika West